How to design RS232 adapter ?

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How to design RS232 adapter ?

Post by Churmenton » Tue 2013-03-05 10:18

hi support,
Because we only have one VSIDE USB UART Cable, I want to design a RS232 adapter,like
RS232 adapter
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But i don't know how to let 9 holes become 4 pins,especially,there is a power pin among the 4 pins.So,can you tell me how to design it?If you are patient,please send me the circuit diagram of RS232 adapter,and some necessary drive program!thanks

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Re: How to design RS232 adapter ?

Post by Panu » Tue 2013-03-05 21:56


The adaptor is based on MAX3232 IC. The diagram should be in the MAX3232 datasheet. 5 caps and the MAX3232 IC is required. I can also try to find the gerbers for you, but it's really easy to design yourself. No driver is required. Only 4 pins are required. The 5th pin (PC DTR->MAX3232->pin 4) is not used in VLSI designs after all... (the required 4 pins are GND, RX, TX and power)
Because we only have one VSIDE USB UART Cable
It should be easy to find a Prolific PL2302 compatible USB-UART IC in the Shenzhen area, this kind of cable should be easy to source/make.
especially,there is a power pin among the 4 pins.
The cables are different. The MAX3232 cable takes IOVDD power from the VS10xx board. The USB UART cable provides 5v power to the VS10xx board.

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