VSIDE 2.07 Alpha (Pre-Test version)

Installing and using VSIDE tools for VLSI Solution's devices that contain a VSDSP signal processor.
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VSIDE 2.07 Alpha (Pre-Test version)

Post by Lasse » Fri 2010-12-03 18:24

Here's a preliminary test release of VSIDE Windows binary version 2.07, alpha 3.

You are welcome to download it. Should there be any bugs / problems, please let us know!



Version 2.07
- Added serial port monitor ("dumb terminal") [windows only]
- Added code editor feature: right-click to quickly open header files included in C code
- Solution build will now stop at first failed project
- Save-all function now saves solutions also
- Fixed search-and-replace in code editor
- Static libraries are no longer linked with startup module
- Fixed pre-build step functionality for projects
- VS1053 library headers updated
- Added matching brace highlighter to code editor
- Added 3-button player template for VS1053 Prototyping Board.

Version 2.06
- Added COM port parameter autodetection for various VLSI boards [windows only]
- Improved serial port handshaking (the board should require a reset less often)
- Improved stability when creating new solutions
- Added automatic parsing of C-file dependencies with their respective header files (during build)1
- Added VSDSP4 platform for software simulation
- Added VS8053 solution template
- Fixed build process environment: VSIDE's home path will precede everything else
- Improved indentation behavior in code editor (block indent/unindent, "smart" line indent)
- Improved find functionality in code editor
- Added preferences dialog: the user can now change the editor font, indentation behavior etc.
- Fixed profiling information browser's line feed
- Added ability to prom EEPROMs and SPI flashes with VS1053
- Added VS1003 platform
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