MP3 on VS1000 module? Patents have all expired.

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MP3 on VS1000 module? Patents have all expired.

Post by joe6486 » Tue 2019-01-29 23:50

Now that all of the MP3 patents have expired, there really should be no barrier to including MP3 support on the popular VS1000 module (and chips for that matter). There is no longer any need for licensing or surcharge.

While OGG is arguably a better format, MP3 is undisputedly the "standard" and should be supported.

Any plans for this? It should be a straightforward software change?

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Re: MP3 on VS1000 module? Patents have all expired.

Post by pasi » Wed 2019-01-30 11:32

There is not enough instruction RAM in vs1000 to decode mp3. Instead of a straightforward software change it would be a non-trivial change of the firmware ROM - gaining mp3 but losing Ogg Vorbis decoding.

The alternatives are:
- vs10xx standalone player (can be implemented as a module similar to the vs1103 module - I think needs one more regulator).
- vs1010, which supports mp3 in ROM and various other formats as loadable decoders.
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