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USE_TYPE and QUEUE vs1000

Posted: Fri 2015-09-25 8:27
by boutzo
Is it possible to create a playlist using the "Tplaylisttxt\n" command and in the txt file have the songs placed in a queue for gapless playback?

example txt file


Can this be done ?
Is this the correct format ?

How are songs triggered in a queue? Do you have to trigger the first song in the queue?

Re: USE_TYPE and QUEUE vs1000

Posted: Tue 2015-09-29 12:10
by pasi
Files added to the queue are added to the end of the queue.

If nothing is currently playing, you need to send a play command, any play command to start to play the first file in the queue. Each time a new song is requested (by the previous one ending), the next song in the queue will be played.

Reading a playlist and producing a queue from it is not quite simple, because it requires going through the directory and having the playlist file open at the same time, which is not normally possible. I will put it on my own queue though, in case I think of an easy way to implement it. (Will probably be restricted to when not playing.)

Re: USE_TYPE and QUEUE vs1000

Posted: Tue 2017-11-14 20:09
by gsmari
Hello I can't get USE_QUEUE to work on the VS1000 module. Can someone send me a detailed info on how to make it work ?

I am using RealTerm to talk to the module via USB/SERIAL cable and can play files and everything else seems to work.
I uncommented USE_QUEUE in system.h also tried to uncomment / comment some other options like START_IN_FILE_MODE and more.

When I start the module it responds via serial with: v0.72-uart-queue-filemode and some more text, but when I send f.ex. QMODULE02OGG I get no text. If I just change the QMODULE02OGG to PMODULE02OGG and send it, the file plays normally.

I renamed the original MODULE2.OGG to MODULE02.OGG to make the filename exactly 8 chars + extension.

Please help,

Re: USE_TYPE and QUEUE vs1000

Posted: Tue 2017-11-21 14:17
by pasi
You should get either "add " or "nof " and the filename as a response.

What are the sizes of spiall.spi and eeprom.img ? Do sdplayer.spi / spiplayer.spi change when you rebuild the solution?

Check that the post-build step of the four solutions have "/y" in "copy /y spiall.spi eeprom.img" .

Re: USE_TYPE and QUEUE vs1000

Posted: Thu 2018-04-12 20:11
by os94
Hello, I am having the same problem as gsmari. When I build the default firmware solution in VSIDE after uncommenting USE_QUEUE and START_IN_FILEMODE, I get this message:

combineimg -o spiall.spi -m 32768 +0 usbmass.spi +8192 spiplayer.spi +16384 sdplayer.spi +24576 sdmass.spi
Add file: usbmass.spi 0x0000..0x1a1d
Add file: spiplayer.spi 0x2000..0x3b8f
Add file: sdplayer.spi 0x4000..0x5edd
Add file: sdmass.spi 0x6000..0x7648
copy spiall.spi eeprom.img
1 file(s) copied.

Which I assume means the solution built correctly. Both and spiall.spi are 30kb after building. I have also added in '/y' to the post build step.

Do you have any advice for getting the queue to work using the default firmware?

Re: USE_TYPE and QUEUE vs1000

Posted: Tue 2018-04-17 11:08
by pasi
At least the combineimg produces a full image.

Do you get any response to the Q command (while in filemode)? To other commands?

Did you rebuild the solution? i.e. did any of the programs compile after you changed the definitions in system.h ?