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Post by Tommynho » Wed 2016-02-03 15:37

I used your product VS1063a for encoding audio to MP3. I used 16kbps (constant bit rate) audio stream for broadcasting by radio communication unit, that operate in narrowband channel (16kHz channel). System works good, but I would like you ask is it possible protect mp3 frame by CRC? I analyzed data stream from VS1063 and header of mp3 frame have format 0xFFF328C0 (bit 16 is set – not protected CRC).

Is it possible turn on CRC protection? Eventually do you have another solution for protection of audio frame?

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Re: VS1063a

Post by pasi » Wed 2016-02-03 15:59

The encoder is not prepared to calculate and insert the mp3 CRC.

It looks like a simple wrapper would not be a working solution, because the actual frame size does not change when CRC is added. Thus the encoder should be generating two bytes less data when CRC is used.

Also note that the mp3 crc is only calculated over the frame header and scalefactors, it does not check the huffman-encoded data.

We will keep the CRC in mind for a future version of the encoder.
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