VS1053: amplitude too big for amplifier

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VS1053: amplitude too big for amplifier

Postby zulunation » Thu 2016-03-24 22:05


I'm using vs1053 decoder with an amplifier. The problem is that the maximum amplitude that my amplifier can apply is 100mV and the Peak to Peak value for vs1053 is 1.83 V.
Is there any way to lover the amplitude using hardware technique not the software?
I understand that we simple can reduce the volume on initialization to make the output 100mV but the better way would be to scale the dynamic range of decoder. Maybe some attenuation could be used?

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Re: VS1053: amplitude too big for amplifier

Postby Panu » Mon 2016-03-28 20:51

Use a resistor divide to bring down the voltage?

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