VS1003 for replace VS1103

Writing software that inputs and/or outputs audio and performs DSP algorithms such as filters, new codecs or audio effects.
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VS1003 for replace VS1103

Post by _Sam_ » Tue 2016-05-10 10:05

For my project main difference between VS1103 and VS1003 - mixer.
I'm use mixer VS1103 for translate line in to DAC.

Perhaps there is achieved the same result by reading values from ADC and writes them to the DAC?
Do this for other methods?


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Re: VS1003 for replace VS1103

Post by pasi » Wed 2016-05-11 12:29

You can simply start the encoding mode and the line input will be played back from the DAC.

You don't need to read out the encoded data for this to work.
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