VS1063 loop station

Writing software that inputs and/or outputs audio and performs DSP algorithms such as filters, new codecs or audio effects.
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VS1063 loop station

Post by Navymud » Sun 2016-09-11 13:04

Hello, apologize for my bad English,

I want to build a loop station (such as TC Electronic Ditto for example). My questions are :

- Is it possible to do it with VS1063 ? I have made some research and find that this chip seems to be appropriate since it can perform full-duplex.
- Is it possible to achieve overdubs ? (Layer additional parts into a loop to create a fuller sound or a more “layered” effect)

I am completely new to audio codec and DSP programming, but I know some stuff about programming and audio.

Thank you

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Re: VS1063 loop station

Post by Henrik » Mon 2016-09-12 13:49

Hello Navymud!

If you want to make a delay / looper, what you could do is to get the VS1063 (or VS1053 for that matter, unless you need the special features of VS1063), then get our free VSIDE (VLSI Solution Integrated Development Environment), and from there open the VS1053/VS1063 template VS10x3 Delay or VS10x3 Audio Effects. From there you can see how the system works:
1) Samples are read from the A/D to a ring buffer (done by a system interrupt)
2) Read samples from ring buffer
3) Some handling of the samples (delay, flanger, etc)
4) Samples are written to a ring buffer
5) Samples are written to the D/A from the ring buffer (done by a system interrupt)

You can have a look at VSIDE without even getting the IC if you want to check out whether you think the environment is friendly enough for you to be able to implement your algorithms. VSIDE is available for free download here:

Hope this was helpful!

Kind regards,
- Henrik
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