Noise cancellation at vs1063a

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Noise cancellation at vs1063a

Post by Jaehoon »

Hello VLSI engineer,

I am using the vs1053-vs1063-equalizer-130 patch at vs1063a.

When I listen to the voice through the microphone, I can not clearly hear the person's voice due to ambient noise such as the sound of the machine, wind, or car etc.

Is it possible to remove the ambient noise at this case, using the vs1053-vs1063-equalizer-130 patch at vs1063a?

If yes, please let me know how can I do it.
If no, could you advice me how could remove the ambient noise.

Best regards,
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Re: Noise cancellation at vs1063a

Post by Panu »

Dear Sir,

VS1063 does not do active noise cancellation, but you may be able to use the equalizer to adjust the frequency response so that you get more the frequencies that you want to hear and less the frequencies that you don't want to hear.

First and foremost you should pay attention to the acoustic design of your microphone setup. If that is not sufficient, you may want to search for a dedicated active noise cancellation IC.

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