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dacmode functionality on vs1163

Posted: Wed 2018-06-06 17:59
by Pbj54

Could you tell me how to have the dacmode functionality on vs1163 as on VS1053 with dacmode patch ?

On Vs1053 the init is:
LoadPlugin(); //dacmode
WriteRegDsp(AUDATA,SamplingRate); //(12000Hz)
WriteDsp((uint8_t *)TRAWM,4);//Mono BigEndian

And the read of datas:
WriteDsp(ptBufStream,NumberOfData); //write datas in SDI
NbreBufDatas=ReadRegDsp(SCI_AICTRL3); //Total number of datas still in buffer to adjust sampling rate

Best regards

Re: dacmode functionality on vs1163

Posted: Fri 2018-06-08 10:53
by pasi
When waiting for data from the SDI FIFO, vs1163 tries to keep the audio FIFO relatively empty. Also, in vs1163 you can read the SDI and audio FIFO fill states using the parametric_x structure. (vs1063 datasheet 11.10: Write 0xc0df to SCI_WRAMADDR, read SCI_WRAM to get sdiFree, read SCI_WRAM again to read audioFill.)

You thus don't need a plugin and can use just the ROM functions.

However, you will need a valid WAV header to send before you start sending the PCM data (which is always little-endian for WAV). (See vs1063 datasheet 11.6.4 for some data about wav headers.)

Re: dacmode functionality on vs1163

Posted: Fri 2018-06-08 16:51
by Pbj54
Thank you pasi.

it's working fine.