EQ Plugin vs Application

Writing software that inputs and/or outputs audio and performs DSP algorithms such as filters, new codecs or audio effects.
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EQ Plugin vs Application

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The EQ application note Chapter 9 is called "Loading and Starting the Plugin"

This is VERY CONFUSING. I thought plugins and applications are DIFFERENT.
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Re: EQ Plugin vs Application

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It's our naming convention:

- Applications take over the whole system.
- Plugins change how some already existing feature of the chip work.
- Patches fix bugs.

The division between the three are not clear-cut. For examples the VS10XX patches packages provide both fixes to bugs and new features. Some plugins may give alternative ways to use existing features, and are close to applications by taking over the system.

Whether application, plugin, or patch, you need to upload the code into the vs10xx chip somehow. For this we have several formats, one of them is the .plg (plugin) compressed format.
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