VS1003 PCM Output Latency

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VS1003 PCM Output Latency

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Hello guys. Please, I would like to know what's the buffer size when handling PCM data and sending to the output. Can I adjust the buffer size to as low as possible? I need as low-latency as possible. Also, is there some code to read SPDIF and use that as PCM data and send to the output? And finally, I have the VS1003B board, what's the B stands for?

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Re: VS1003 PCM Output Latency

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The B in vs1003b is the firmware version indicator. You can guess from B that there has been a private vs1003a prototype before the vs1003b production version.

The DAC FIFO is 2048 stereo samples, the SDI FIFO is 1024 words. See http://www.vsdsp-forum.com/phpbb/viewto ... =11&t=1463

For smaller latency you would need custom application. See the DAC Mode Application from http://www.vlsi.fi/en/support/software/ ... tions.html .
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