Simultaneous input and output on the VS1053 Arduino Shield

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Simultaneous input and output on the VS1053 Arduino Shield

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I found a VS1053 board in the form-factor of an Arduino Shield at a local online store. Link: ... -function/. This has both a mic input and a 3.5mm line output. My question now is this - can they be used simultaneously?

The sort of use-case I'm targeting involves connecting this board to an Arduino Due (eventually move to a Cortex-M4 based MCU), plug a guitar in to the board, and then use the Due as a DSP that reads the incoming audio from the board, apply a few effects to it (controlled by knobs, joysticks, and buttons connected to the Due), and sends the processed audio back to the board for output via it's stereo line out.

What is the recommended software stack while using this board in an Arduino platform to achieve something like what I'm hoping to? BTW, I haven't yet bought the board, because I'd first like to be sure it can do what I'd like it to do.

BTW, I see that the board can be programmed standalone. Are there any example videos showing sound demos of the same? Also, I only have Linux on my computers. Does the VSIDE run there? Perhaps via Wine? And finally, can I avoid programming the board itself and use it entirely standalone as a simple sound interface?
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Re: Simultaneous input and output on the VS1053 Arduino Shield

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Quick and short (or not) answers:
- Yes, line in and line out can be used at the same time. The default encoding function uses the analog output for record monitoring. In vs1063a Codec modes provide both at the same time.
- There's a VSIDE template for audio in/out (for both vs1053b and vs1063a). The template is for the Simple DSP board as far as I remember, but it doesn't use anything complex. The board has a button and a few LEDs.
- VSIDE runs fine under Wine.

Basically you develop the vs1053b application, then upload the code through SCI using Arduino. (Uses the same routine that uploads patches.)
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