VS1000mod and Nandfirmware111

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VS1000mod and Nandfirmware111

Post by chris901 » Tue 2016-10-11 18:22


I'm suffering from information overload, i think.
My long term goal is to use a vs1000module to replace a 1980s era looping cassette player. I've looked through the various firmwares, and the nandfirmare111 looks like a good starting point, due to it saving settings and position. I've been using vskit134b to build the nand firmware, and a usb-uart cable to output the code to the module.
I'm using a board that i built in house to house the module. It has usb, and uart capabilities. The UART works fine, as i can communicate with the pcb through hyperterminal and send play and pause and volume up and down commands, and the usb works as well, as i can see it when i plug the usb into the computer.
Anyway, when i build nandfirmware, it compiles ok, then gives this output -

Switch VS1000 on now. (You may need to turn vs1000 power off first)
Remember that you may need to clear code from nand flash before loading.
Hit [Ctrl-C] to quit this batch job or [Enter] to load code via emulator
VSEMU 2.1 Oct 1 2008 13:34:08(c)1995-2007 VLSI Solution Oy
Clock 12000 kHz
Using serial port 3, COM speed 115200
Waiting for a connection to the board...
Caused interrupt
Chip version "1000"
Stack pointer 0x19e0, bpTable 0x7d4d
User program entry address 0x7e39
o_emuspi.bin: includes optional header, 8 sections, 438 symbols
Section 1: code page:0 start:80 size:3 relocs:1 fixed
Section 2: CalcCheck page:0 start:83 size:21 relocs:1
Section 3: MyPowerOff page:0 start:104 size:271 relocs:58
Section 4: MyCsOutput page:0 start:375 size:44 relocs:5
Section 5: MyUserInterfaceIdleHook page:0 start:419 size:52 relocs:8
Section 6: main page:0 start:471 size:292 relocs:85
Section 7: bss_x page:1 start:8096 size:8 relocs:0
Section 8: const_x page:1 start:8104 size:28 relocs:0

It gets to this point and freezes. I'm not sure exactly what i'm doing wrong. The only thing i've done in nandfirmware.c is to uncomment #define SAVE_SETTINGS

I guess my question is how to i get this firmware to replace the existing .72 spi firmware?


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Re: VS1000mod and Nandfirmware111

Post by Panu » Wed 2016-10-12 21:08


I'm not the expert here, but isn't NandFirmware meant to be used with a Nand flash? The module does not have a Nand flash. Maybe that's the problem?

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