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Real-Time midi w/ VS1053B

Posted: Wed 2017-02-01 3:40
by CorneliusBrowns
I bought an adafruit music maker shield which uses the VS1053B. They have no instructions for using real time midi, only a small music player demo that sends midi data over uart.

I'm curious, with gpio1 high the shield puts the VS1053B into midi mode and the rx pin accepts midi data from a software serial pin on the arduino.

Could I simply use the VS1053B shield by itself without the arduino given power, gnd and standard midi data sent to the shield's rx pin?

Re: Real-Time midi w/ VS1053B

Posted: Wed 2017-02-01 13:31
by pasi
Yes, when the vs1053b boots into real-time MIDI mode it accepts MIDI input (31250bps) from RX and generates the audio output.

However, the UART buffer is not quite large enough for all occasions in the RTMIDI mode, so if you send a lot of notes in succession while a lot of notes are On at the same time, it can get messed up. The RTMIDI application ( ... tions.html ) contains code (loadable through SCI) to increase the UART FIFO size and I think a couple of additional features.

Re: Real-Time midi w/ VS1053B

Posted: Thu 2017-02-02 6:11
by CorneliusBrowns
Thanks. I think there's an example with the basic contents of rtmidi1053b.c formatted to use with arduino out there so i'll be looking for it.