Line out, Line in and Headphone connections

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Re: Line out, Line in and Headphone connections

Post by navidrct » Sat 2017-08-05 9:59

Panu wrote:
Sun 2010-10-24 9:42

The VS1053/VS8053 Simple DSP Board's application note is a great example for how to design a device with good analog performance (sound quality). It's good reading, and it's available at: ... board.html. Look for the Application Note link at the top-right corner of the page.

Here's a small contribution to the discussion about the analog connections. I've annotated a section of the Simple DSP Schematic, showing what the various capacitors and resistors in the analog block are actually for.

Have fun examining!
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can i connect line out to input of TPA3118D2?

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Re: Line out, Line in and Headphone connections

Post by Panu » Sun 2017-08-06 11:15

For a good example of connecting to a D class amplifier, please see here: ... der_03.pdf

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