VS1053 low audio level

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Re: VS1053 low audio level

Post by arlaor » Thu 2019-04-25 16:18

Thanks for you reply @Panu i go it

I have observed in the different breackout board,
http://www.vlsi.fi/fileadmin/evaluation ... SP_sch.pdf
http://www.vlsi.fi/fileadmin/evaluation ... yer_07.pdf
http://www.vlsi.fi/fileadmin/evaluation ... ematic.pdf
and this http://www.vlsi.fi/fileadmin/evaluation ... xxpp17.pdf, connected to 2.8 volts
different combinations of filters for the RIGHT LEFT and GBUF outputs and I would like to know which one delivers the best sound quality both connected to headphones and connected to an audio receiver (example marants receiver)
Or what does it depend on to apply each of these filter systems?

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VS10xx analog output and declick circuit

Post by Panu » Wed 2019-05-01 18:57

Yes, different designers have improved their visions over the years. The analog output is nearly the same in each of our ICs, but the ratings for AVDD have changed between different IC's. (CVDD is even more different in each IC.)

For VS1053, find the VS1053 Hi-Fi Player schematic, that's very good for the VS1053 headphone out. For VS1005, find the VS1005 Hi-Res Player schematic, that's the best one and the analog is also suitable for the VS1053. The VS1010 Handbook has the best explanation for headphone out and line out, but that's only available in print. Basically follow the instructions in the Line Out diagram, of which the link is below, and combine all information from all these sources. The most important things are 1) combined ground plane (single ground plane for analog and digital), 2) no digital signals crossing analog signals in ANY layer, 3) RCAP capacitor needs to be without via's and 4) line out to external equipment needs proper filter. We have also nearly perfected a de-click circuit for the line out, which very nearly eliminates the power-up pop (click) sound from the line out.
left_right_gbuf_rcap_stabilizer.png (13.92 KiB) Viewed 2325 times
Normal RCAP reference capacitor, LEFT+RIGHT+CBUF(GBUF) stabilizer RC circuits, use for all VS10xx devices.
For Line Out, this is the best circuit, I think, so far:
declick_1.png (44.52 KiB) Viewed 2325 times
Line Out declick circuit using NPN. DE_CLICK must be a GPIO signal (from VS chip or microcontroller) which is floating or high at boot time and can be programmed to be output low after VS10xx analog has been started. This way the Line Out rises smoothly from ground to GBUF/CBUF/RCAP voltage after VS chip analog startup.

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