duality of SCI_AICTRL

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duality of SCI_AICTRL

Post by maris_n_s » Fri 2017-03-10 9:54

Good day
I have question about SCI_AICTRL[x] registers
in VS1063 datasheet in Chapter 11.6 I can read
about it to set encoding audio parameters.
But in examples (standalone player-recorder examples)
and also in file standalone.h is differently opposite definition

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Definitions for AICTRL3
//#define CTRL3_UPDATE_VOL        (1<<15) /*not needed for vs1053*/
#define CTRL3_ITERATE           (1<<9)
#define CTRL3_BY_NAME           (1<<8) /*locate by name*/
#define CTRL3_RECORD_ON         (1<<7) //0x80
#define CTRL3_AT_END            (1<<6)
#define CTRL3_NO_NUMFILES       (1<<5)
#define CTRL3_PAUSE_ON          (1<<4)
#define CTRL3_FILE_READY        (1<<3)
#define CTRL3_PLAY_MODE_MASK    (3<<1)
#define CTRL3_PAUSE_AFTER_PLAY  (3<<1)
#define CTRL3_PAUSE_BEFORE_PLAY (2<<1)
#define CTRL3_LOOP_SONG         (1<<1)
#define CTRL3_PLAY_NEXT         (0<<1)
#define CTRL3_RANDOM_PLAY       (1<<0) /* SCI_AICTRL3 */
Could you explain my the duality of using one register?

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Re: duality of SCI_AICTRL

Post by pasi » Fri 2017-03-10 12:14

The AICTRL registers, as their name "application control" implies, are application-specific registers.

With the Encoding mode AICTRL0 through AICTRL3 are used for passing encoding parameters.

With the SCI-controlled standalone player AICTRL0 through AICTRL3 are used for controlling the standalone player application.

We don't currently have a SCI-controlled vs1063 standalone recorder, because there is too much overlap with the AICTRL3 register bits. Only button control is currently supported.
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