HW Reset

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HW Reset

Post by Charles » Tue 2018-08-07 0:21

The "vs1063-standalone-vside-dist" software is downloaded to eeprom. I send commands via UART, so what to play off the SD card.

If I do a HW Reset, usually do not load software from eeprom. Only when power switch off and on.

How can I make HW Reset?
How should HW reset the device (VS1163)?
How long will it take to reset? 1,8ms?
When multiple Resets arrive in one after the other?


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Re: HW Reset

Post by pasi » Wed 2018-08-08 13:45

Do you mean hardware reset using the xRESET pin?

Because the SPI boot pins are partially shared with uSD/SD, resetting vs1163 during an SD access may be preventing boot from the SPI EEPROM, because the uSD/SD card is still providing data. (A workaround would be have a separate regulator for SD, and control its enable from xRESET.)

What is the reason for you needing to use hardware reset?

Another solution could be to have implement UART command to reset the vs1163 only when it is "safe".
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