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VS1000 vs. VS1010

Posted: Mon 2019-12-30 0:01

I just ordered a VS1000 based demo board (adafruit). The VS1000 seemed ideal as I don't need MP3 decoding and many example applications and boards are available.
The application is a simple mono audio file player. Several audio files (e.g. OGG) are stored on a SPI FLASH and are played based on different conditions. I2C master functionality would be nice to attach an external capacitive touch button controller, but looks like that's not available.

I just found out about the VS1010.

What are the differences between the VS1000 and VS1010 for these criteria:
- Max. SPI flash size? (how many MB?)
- Ease of firmware development?
- Cost difference at about 100 units? Looks like there is no distributor in the US?
- Lifecycle/availability?
- Anything else to consider based on the requirements listed above?

Which chip would you recommend for this new design?

Thank you.

Re: VS1000 vs. VS1010

Posted: Mon 2019-12-30 14:54
by Panu

Hmm... VS1000 is an old IC, VS1010 is new. Cost is similar. VS1000 is a monolithic target, e.g. it runs one statically linked image. VS1010 has an operating system (VSOS) with built-in filesystem drivers and executes programs from a FAT filesystem (SPI flash or SD card). Both allow SPI flashes with 24-bit addresses (16M) using ROM support. VS1000 has 2 kW (8 kB) of instruction RAM, VS1010 has 6 kW (24 kB). VS1000 has internal Ogg and WAV decoders, VS1010 has MP3 and WAV. Both are free now, as MP3 patents have expired.

From my perspective (me being the author of the VS1010 ROM and the OS) the VS1010 is far easier to develop code for, but for the VS1000 there are quite a few existing examples, because it's been around for so long time. Especially writing large applications is much, much easier for the VS1010, since you can partition your application into several small programs, which you can simply run using RunLib(filename, parameters); With VS1010 you need to use overlays or esoteric multi-load schemes.

Whatever you do, get the book VS1010 Handbook before you start..


Re: VS1000 vs. VS1010

Posted: Mon 2019-12-30 20:21
Thank you very much, Panu. That is very helpful...

One question regarding the maximum SPI Flash size: The 'VS1010 Minidemo Board' lists a "128 megabyte SPI NAND flash for custom firmware". ... board.html

Should that actually be 128 Megabit, or does the VS1010 actually support bigger SPI Flash sizes?

Re: VS1000 vs. VS1010

Posted: Tue 2019-12-31 14:53
by Panu
Hi again!

Right.. SPI flash and SPI NAND flash are two totally different things and indeed there are 128 megabyte (1 gigabit) SPI nand flash chips in the market, and even larger ones. Ok, so here's the deal. In the ROM, there's no support for SPI NAND flash, but support can be added with a custom VSOS storage driver that needs to be loaded from somewhere. Normal SPI flash is one solution, but some SPI NAND flash chips are just barely compatible enough with one of the bootloader modes in the ROM that a small bootstrap can be built to load the driver from the NAND chip itself... thus eliminating the need for a normal SPI flash. But there are serious limitations: there's no in-system write capability in the SPI NAND flash driver, only the capability of completely reprogramming the SPI NAND flash from a connected SD card. So it's useful mainly for devices with pre-programmed content, where you program the SPI NAND flash in the factory from a jig connected SD card.