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A project with VS1003/VS1053 as a DSP/Codec controlled by Arduino Nano

Posted: Tue 2020-04-28 7:00
by wonderfulaudio

I would like to implement the following logic in DSP/Codec

1) Use a microcontroller (Arduino Nano) to control vlsi dsp using SPI or I2C or UART.
2) Use ADC with sampling frequency of 8Khz for ADC/DAC and DSP procesing.
3) Reverb with initial delay of about 60ms.
4) 3 PEQ filters. Separate PEQ settings for each channel.
5) Change filters of both the channels at run time while system is running
Two independent channels. Means:- reverb delay (3) and PEQ (4) unique to each channel.

Can VS1003/VS1053 be used as a DSP/Codec for above purpose?
If yes, what documentation and where should I start reading?