VS1053b real-time mic to output

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VS1053b real-time mic to output

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I need to get the microphone input and decode it in order to do some processing on a microcontroller. Then, I need to pass that processed stream to the output. This has to be real-time. My question is, is this possible with VS1053b?

Currently I'm able to play a file, but I cannot get the samples from the microphone, and when I eventually do get them, I'm not sure how to pass them to the output. As I understand, I should first send a WAV header and then samples from the microphone.
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Re: VS1053b real-time mic to output

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The regular encoding mode is encoding only.

You need something like the "duplex" application to get the samples in PCM format, and play back in PCM format at the same time.

See VS1053 Full-Duplex Application from http://www.vlsi.fi/en/support/software/ ... tions.html .
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