Is OSD feasible with VS23S04?

Designing hardware and software that uses the VS23S0X0 family of ICs as a 8-bit or SPI SRAM memory or as a Video Controller for generating Composite Video (TV-Out) or driving other kinds of displays.
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Is OSD feasible with VS23S04?

Post by 8mode » Sat 2018-10-13 9:43

I'm looking to do an overlay onto an NTSC/PAL signal.

If I used an LM1881 to extract timing from the incoming NTSC signal, would I be able to sync for overlay?



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Re: Is OSD feasible with VS23S04?

Post by Panu » Mon 2018-10-22 20:22


Sorry, cannot. There's no way to sync VS23S040 into an incoming video signal. It needs to be the clock master and generate all the syncs itself.

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