Downloading and running User application.

Writing software for systems that use VLSI Solution's devices as slave codecs to a host microcontroller.
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Downloading and running User application.

Post by martyxxx » Mon 2019-05-06 14:52

Hello, we are using VS1063A in our system as a mp3 encoder. VS1063A is controlled by an ARM processor via Serial data interface. We can download patch to VS1063A and also change encoding parameters. Encoded mp3 stream is output to UART and read by ARM. Sometimes we are getting errors in stream e.g. incomplete frame but we suspect the ARM of this. Those error are not very frequent, let say one error for 10MByte of data so it is not easy to find a problem. It will help me if I could either manipulate content of the bitstream out FIFO so it will contain always one same frame, independently of incoming audio and in ideal circumstance content of this frame will be arbitrary by me which I suppose will lead to write a plugin but since I don't know where the bitstream out FIFO resides or how to prevent engine from updating FIFO easier to me seems second route - write an application which will take full control over the whole chip and this application will output one, two or even better three frames of known content. We have purchased VS1063 Simple DSP Starter Kit and I have written a simple app which use timer0 to periodicaly output several bytes of data. After some struggles it works as expected. Now I have this question because it is not exactly clear to me how to download and run such app at VS1063A on our board. I have done this: I have used coff2boot utility to convert coff file to eprom image. Then converted eprom image to text to be used as an array inicialization in C header file. Then I have modified example 8.2.1. from "VS1063 programmer's guide" to download image file to VS1063A on our board thru SDI and finaly I have written 0x0050 to SCI_AIADDR but nothing happend and VS1063A still ouputs data at UART without change (VS1063A is in encode mode). Is that correct way to download and start user application or did I have omittted or misunderstood something? Thank you for help.

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Re: Downloading and running User application.

Post by pasi » Tue 2019-05-07 12:51

The SPI boot image and the data to send through SCI are different formats.

You can use "coff2allboot -i plugin" to create a .plg file, which can be loaded through SCI. The format is the same as the patches package. If you give the execution address with "-x 0x50", it will be included in the plugin data, starting your plugin automatically.

You should clear the patch out of memory with a software reset before you load up your own code. (Or skip loading it, or just load your plugin instead.)
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