VS1010 Player Software

Designing hardware and software for systems that use the VS1010 MP3 Audio DSP Microcontroller.
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VS1010 Player Software

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I'm currently trying to create some firmware for VS1010 LQFP. I should state from the start I'm not a Software Engineer so apologies if the my questions appear obvious.

I've used the TreePlayer as a starting point and have:
1. Replaced button control with UART input - no issues
2. Setup I2S on shared pins and altered UART baud rate- no issues
3. Modified / altered output on the UART connection to my uC

However, it's not obvious to me where the code that pushes the track name onto the UART resides. It currently seem to push the current file name and the previous file name (prefixed with '._') onto the UART. I'd like to edit this.

Also, is there a readable variable that contains the name of the current file that is being played?
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