VS1010 extension memory

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VS1010 extension memory

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I have question for extension memory.
We will try to implement AES128CBC/AES128ECB. But memory isn't enough for the feature.
So we would want to extend memory, Is it possible for the VS1010?

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Re: VS1010 extension memory

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Which memory you ran out and in which stage? Building or loading?

If the VS1010 loader complains running out of memory, the pages are 0: I, 1: X and 2: Y
In the end the build process prints something like: "Total words: I 1107, X 115, Y 49." What did you got?

The practical answer for question of extending memory is that it isn't possible. The exact answer is that I-cache can be mapped as linear memory and get 2kw more but the price is programming difficulty just got harder.
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