More feature rich SPI NAND flash driver

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More feature rich SPI NAND flash driver

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Dear VS1010 users,

I'm working on failure resistant and access restricted content system for VS1010 and while doing that I'm creating a security framework for such features.

One step was the Chacha20 decryptor, and now is driver which tries to protect non-authenticated images to be flashed to SPI NAND flash. This tries at least detect and later recover (If configured such way) from bad blocks found from the SPI NAND flashes and provide reliable content storage.

Here is a technology preview release (It works on my setup and has rough edges) and it supports one SPI NAND flash chip: Winbond W25N01GVxxIG. This driver also expects to find the flash from SPI1

I'm releasing this in hope of feedback if some more features are wanted. This my on going project so more updates will come.

Image generation system isn't available yet, but maybe this can help: viewtopic.php?t=2303
Source code for SPI NAND flash
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