Disable SPI1 video out in boot

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Disable SPI1 video out in boot

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Dear VS1010 user,

I designed something silly and made a mistake. I had P and N FETs connected to XCS1 and MOSI1. Those two pins are used in SPI video output. To prevent self destruction I had to find a way to prevent driving those transistors on at the same time. This meant that I had to disable the SPI video output as soon as possible.

Here is a SPI flash software. It is loaded on boot to 0x47xx address space and it disables spi video output in timer interrupt. It was the most reliable way to get rid of it.

To install it on your SPI flash: Open the solution, tweak the config.h to have wanted driving directions for the pins and rebuild. After building, write it to the flash through serial cable and VS3emu. Select project->Prommer flasher utility -> VS1010 -> External SPI flash -> Next -> Next -> Start

Bugs and questions welcome.
SPI flash boot image project to disable the
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