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Designing hardware and software that uses the VS23S0X0 family of ICs as a 8-bit or SPI SRAM memory or as a Video Controller for generating Composite Video (TV-Out) or driving other kinds of displays.
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Welcome to VS23S010 Forum!

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Dear VSDSP Forum Members,

Welcome to the VS23S010 Forum, where we will gather application notes, examples and discussion about VLSI Solution's VS23S0X0 family of microchips.

These devices are available in SOIC and LQFP packages. In the 8 pin SOIC package (e.g. VS23S010C-S) they can be used as standard SPI SRAM memory with wide operating voltage (1.5 to 3.6 volts). In this mode these devices are an ideal low pin count memory extension for any microcontroller application. The VS23S010 has a one megabit (128K x 8) static memory array.

In the LQFP package (e.g. VS23S010C-L), alternatively to the SPI SRAM operation, extra pins are available that allow the chip to be used as a 8-bit parallel SRAM, which has bus signaling not unlike that of a nand flash: 8 bits Data, Chip Select, Read and Write. It allows easy interfacing to 8080-type 8 bit buses with much faster access times than in the SPI mode.

Also in the LQFP package, with the addition of a crystal, an internal video controller logic can be used to generate video signals such as PAL or NTSC Composite Video, analog video signal out and digital sync generation. The internal video controller uses highly optimized logic to generate different kinds of frame buffer timings. You can set up thousands of different variations and bit formats to assign pixel data from the SRAM memory to different lines of the picture, optimizing the usage of the SRAM memory.

Here at the VS23S010 Forum we will offer examples, answers to your questions and support your designs as quickly and as well as we can. You can get an answer a lot faster from the Forum than by email, because more engineers can access the forum from more locations than the email system.

- The VS23S Team

Datasheets: Link to Product Page: http://www.vlsi.fi/en/products/vs23s010.html