Need help regarding the VS1005 preprogramming

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Re: Need help regarding the VS1005 preprogramming

Post by mah_621 » Tue 2015-02-03 18:05

Hi Guys,

I am having following issues whilst recording the audio on usb and playing it back

VSOS 3.12 build Jan 27 2015 23:26:47
VLSI Solution Oy 2012-2014 -

Starting the kernel.. Starting Devices... Internal Flash
Installed system devices:
S: SPI Flash c213, handled by FAT.
Load drivers...
Driver: usbhost... 1 drive(s).
U: USB Flash

Driver: audio...
Driver: s:sme.ap3... VSOS 3.20 Simple MP3/OGG Encoder v1.03
2014-2015 VLSI Solution

Push S1 for next file, S4 to quit

Recording 48000 Hz stereo at quality 7
Open Failed: U:OUT015.MP3
File: U:OUT015.MP3
Output buffer size is 43008 bytes

0:01s, 157.0 kbit/s -42 dB
0:02s, 156.2 kbit/s -42 dB

I am working iwht Simple MP3/OGG Encoder released last week...

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Re: Need help regarding the VS1005 preprogramming

Post by nastja » Wed 2018-05-09 15:37

I have a BreakOut Board v.1.1 and I need to make a simply recorder but I have no much space when I copy drivers. Is it possible to place drivers in USB flash and read them?
For example, i have hello.mp3 file in USB, but in VS1005 in folder SYS - PlayFile.dl3 and usbhost.dl3

My config.txt :

# Start USB Host (memory stick) as device D
playfile d:hello.mp3

So, i think that my problem is not difficult and there is an easy way of the decision ;)
Thank you!

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Re: Need help regarding the VS1005 preprogramming

Post by Panu » Tue 2018-05-15 8:32


Technically you can load drivers from any location, but practically they must be in S:SYS/ due to file name conventions. The solution is to have only the drivers your final product needs in S:

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