GDPR Statement - Your data belongs to you.

Installing and using VSIDE tools for VLSI Solution's devices that contain a VSDSP signal processor.
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GDPR Statement - Your data belongs to you.

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    We - the VSDSP Forum - don't share your personal data with anyone. Your personal data belongs to you.

    Our source of income is the sale of our integrated circuits. The purpose of this forum is to make it easier to use our integrated circuits, so people will be more interested in using our integrated circuits, so we can sell more integrated circuits. We don't share any personal data from VSDSP Forum with anyone. We don't use third party cookies or any web tracking mechanisms. We don't send you advertisements. We don't send you spam or any automated email messages.

    What data is collected from your use of the VSDSP Forum?
    You can browse the forum, read all topics and download all files from the forum without registering. If you don't register, then no data is collected by us from your use of the forum.

    If you want to write to the forum - and we encourage you to do so - then you must register. Registration is necessary to limit the amount of spam that gets to the forum. Were there no registration, the amount of spam messages on the forum would get out of hand. When you register, the email address you give and your IP address is stored. Your IP address is also stored whenever you post a new message.

    You can give other personal information if you so choose by entering it into your User Profile. That's up to you. That information is not used by us, it is for you in case you want to communicate with other VSDSP Forum users using any contact information you provide on your User Profile page. You can change it if you like, or remove it by filling in blanks. Other registered users will see your User Profile just like you can see the User Profile of other registered users. Unregistered users will not see your User Profile. Search engines will see your User Profile so be careful what you write there. You don't need to write anything. You can leave all fields blank.

    How your personal data is used?
    Only VLSI staff members can see your email or IP address. Your email address can be used by VLSI staff members - real people behind keyboards - to send you or ask you information that we don't want to be shared publicly in the forum, or suspect that you wouldn't want to be public.

    How to see what data is collected
    Apart from your IP address, you can see everything that is collected by using the VSDSP Forum normally, e.g. looking at your User Profile page in your User Control Panel and by searching for any messages you have posted. We don't collect any other data or cross reference it with any other database.

    Where is the data stored at?
    VSDSP Forum is hosted by Nebula web hosting services in data centers that reside in Finland. As per Nebula's terms and conditions, some data might at some time also be stored in some other EU/EEA country.

    How to remove your data?
    You can remove any info you have entered into your User Profile by filling in blanks. You can delete any messages you have posted by clicking the Delete [X] button in the post. If you want your account deleted and data removed, please contact us by replying to this message. Any remaining posts you have made will be removed or anonymized.

    How to get more info?
    If this statement doesn't answer a question that you have, please ask for more info by replying to this message.

    Thanks for being a member of our community!
    the VSDSP Forum team
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