MP3 File Playing Noise

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MP3 File Playing Noise

Post by PatrickFolci » Fri 2018-08-10 18:25

Hi Guys,

I'm back with another question to you, hope you can help me.
After some test I were able to create my application, running on my HW that is able to reproduce MP3 files or switch between one audio input (1,2,3) and send it to output based on binary contact combination.

It looks working well until some days ago. Now for a reason that I'm not able to understand the signal reproduced by MP3 file is very bad and I'm not able to stop it as I were.

Attached kernel, projects, config file and SD folder.

1- All the libraries, files and applications run from the SD; so in my project S: is the SD card
2- I've tried to play and MP3 file using PlayFileLoop included in the SYS folder, but give me same audio problem.

Any help is appreciated, I need to provide a solution to my customer ASAP because I've to delivery 30pcs of that board.
If you think helps I can provide you the board schematics and PCB.

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Re: MP3 File Playing Noise

Post by Panu » Fri 2018-08-10 19:41

Is this problem only in 1 board, or several? Maybe the flash is corrupted somehow...?

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