Coding VS1005: Freelancers available?

Discussion about writing software for VS1005 and the VSOS Operating System. Also posts about VS1005-related hardware design and device drivers should be posted here.
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Coding VS1005: Freelancers available?

Post by 321go » Wed 2018-09-12 9:38

Hi folks!

We have been writing a code for a nice little player and that is working fine. But there is a special thing where we don´t have the experience that we should have. I think we are not the only ones who could need help, but when you look at freelancer-forums, you hardly find anyone who has ever worked with a vs1005.

So: are there people here who could help finish a code?

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Re: Coding VS1005: Freelancers available?

Post by Panu » Thu 2018-09-13 8:50


I can feel your pain :D

I think it's going to be easiest for everyone, even for us at VLSI if you just send it to me and let me take a look. It'll save everybody's time, myself included...

I mean, there are some people, but they will just end up asking me a bunch of questions and it'll take more time, which just at the moment I don't have, as much as I would like to educate more people to use the IC...

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