Simple voice recorder GPIO on 1053 or 1010

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Simple voice recorder GPIO on 1053 or 1010

Post by mikefish » Sun 2020-10-04 22:13

I'm working on a simple project using the 1053 that I want to have the following functionality:

1. Record input to a single track (or treated as a single track during playback)
2. Allow only 2 hours of recording
3. Use LEDs to indicate where you are in the track (example: 4 LEDs that light up when you have 90 min left, 60 min, 30 min, and then full)

My original plan was to use a MC to handle some of this functionality since I'm experienced with Arduino, but it seems like writing some basic program in VSIDE could accomplish all of this and use the GPIO pins for all of this.

So my questions are
1. What is the best way to track the timecodes and get the file time lengths? (file format doesn't matter to me since it will all be internally used only)
2. If I want to attach buttons for swapping from play to record, volume, etc. is the best way to do that also with the GPIO instead of using a MC and are there certain pins with interrupts that I should use?
3. I have both of your books so if there is something in there I'm missing feel free to point me to those resources too.
4. I've been back and forth between the 1053 and 1010. Given what I want above, and that I don't care about file format which will be easier to implement? It seems at bulk the price for the 1010 is actually cheaper.

Thanks so much, I have schematics I will share later on too that I'd love feedback on.

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Re: Simple voice recorder GPIO on 1053 or 1010

Post by Panu » Mon 2020-10-05 11:11


VS1010 is definitely easier than VS1053 for this kind of project. The VS1053 has the advantage of having a good AD converter, but nothing that would help you with writing to any mass storage, handling files etc. The VS1010 is also quite ok for voice recording; you can use a digital MEMS microphone or an external I2S adc, or even the on-chip SAR (successive approximation ad) converter.

What's your storage media? SD?

The ROM has a hook for GetTimeFromRtc, so it's possible to have a system that uses the RTC to set correct file date on file close, please see ... 253#p13253 and which talks about using the real time clock in general.

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