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I2S drivers for VS1005

Posted: Thu 2021-06-24 12:15
by Henrik

Attached to this message are new I2S drivers for VS1005.

The functionality for VS1005g is kept exactly the same as for the latest release of the drivers. However, they now also compile and work on our prototype IC, VS1005h. The I2S hardware has changed for the prototype chip, and thus just compiling a Universal Binary wasn't in this case enough. Essentially, the binary now contains completely separate versions of the drivers for each IC revision, and the loader than automatically chooses the driver that matches its hardware. So, while the files are about double the size as before, loading them will not take more RAM memory.

If you want to modify and recompile the drivers, vs1005h.h needs to be modified. I have attached also that file. It will of course be a part of the next official VSIDE release.

Kind regards,
- Henrik