VS1005 VSOS Audio Drivers v1.14 - 3-channel analog input

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VS1005 VSOS Audio Drivers v1.14 - 3-channel analog input

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Dear Forum Members,

attached to this message are the newest versions of our audio drivers along with documentation for them.

There are five files attached to this message:
  • AudioDrivers_v114.zip: A complete new set of audio drivers, including full source code. All audio drivers have been updated so that they can now use buffers that are not powers of two, and their removal from memory has been cleaned. There is an all-new driver AUI3ADC that allows using all VS1005's three analog input channels instead of two.
  • Ft3To2_v100.zip: An all-new 3-to-2 matrixer filter that matrixes 3-channel audio into conventional 2-channel stereo. This filter has been written particularly to work in conjunction with the new 3-channel AUI3ADC driver.
  • AuControl_v106.zip: New versions of AuInput and AuOutput that can correctly display the number of channels of an input / output, including full source code.
  • VSOS_Shell_v366a.pdf: Updated version of the VS1005 VSOS Shell document, with all new applications added.
  • VSOS_Audio_v366a.pdf: Greatly updated version of the VS1005 VSOS Audio Subsystem document, with tons of new information on the new audio drivers as well as added examples and updated figures. See chapter "Latest Document Version Changes" for a more comprehensive list of updates to the document.
These updates are now provided as separate files attached to this message, but they will be an integral part of VSOS 3.67, whenever we get to release it. Below is a link to the latest VSOS release thread:

I hope these drivers provide useful to you. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to ask!

Kind regards,
- Henrik
VSOS Audio drivers v1.14
(508.11 KiB) Downloaded 266 times
3-channel to 2-channel matrix driver
(29.07 KiB) Downloaded 249 times
AuInput and AuOutput v1.06
(22.22 KiB) Downloaded 232 times
Documentation for the VSOS Shell
(455.18 KiB) Downloaded 247 times
Documentation for the VSOS Audio Subsystem
(613.11 KiB) Downloaded 233 times
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