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VS1010 Audiobook

Post by Mikael »

Hello vs1010 users,

This is a VS1010 Audiobook project, that implements an audiobook player for VS1010 platform, which is suitable for:
  • Talking Bibles as well as other religious texts.
  • General audiobooks, e.g. novels.
  • Language learning tools.
Audiobook is capable of the following features:
  • At least 4-Level playback structure, with optionally named levels. For example, in the Bible, the levels are:
    • Level 1: Sections: Old vs New Testament.
    • Level 2: Books: 39 in the Old Testament, 27 in the New Testament.
    • Level 3: Chapters: 929 in the Old Testament, 260 in the New Testament.
    • Level 4: Verses: 23145 in the Old Testament, 7957 in the New Testament.
  • Playback from MP3 files. Any file can map to any level of the playback structure.
  • Play point selection from any of the existing playback structure levels.
  • Volume control.
  • Ability to skip to next/previous part.
  • Ability to rewind or fast forward.
  • Display the text while playing the MP3 file, e.g. the relevant book portion in text form.
  • UART/Button controls.
Some parts of the Bible were used in this project, as an example, to verify its functionality. Every necessary file is included in the zip package. For extra information take a look at the README.TXT and audiobook_spec.pdf.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here.
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Re: VS1010 Audiobook

Post by Henrik »


I would like to add that the current demo version of AudioBook is very suitable for devices with an LCD screen: it is capable of displaying on the console (can be redirected to e.g. LCD) the current passage. In the case of The Bible, and depending on the size of the screen, AudioBook can show information like:

Code: Select all

Old Testament, Genesis 1:13
or the shorter form:

Code: Select all

OT Genesis 1:13
Also, if provided with the information, AudioBook can show the text of the passage that is currently being read, e.g.:

Code: Select all

And the evening and the morning were the third day.
AudioBook also allows for quickly picking a verse in the book, with a text interface that can be modified to suit a given LCD.

Do note, however, that AudioBook is not limited to applications with a text LCD. It can just as well be used with devices with a more limited LCD, or without an LCD at all. For more information, please ask in this thread, or if you need confidentiality, contact VLSI Solution's support E-mail.

Kind regards,
- Henrik
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