DevCrypt driver for VS1010

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DevCrypt driver for VS1010

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Dear VS1010 users,

A chacha20 decryption driver was released for VS1005 during last year and the there was an expectation that there would be a similar driver released for VS1010. The driver has been ready for a while and a proper release would require only a proper documentation.

Here is the driver solution and some test files for brave users. And as usual, feedback is welcome.

Here is a short list of first help resources.
  • README.txt exist
  • dectest shows some example usage
  • Fortunately VS1005 isn't that far away from VS1010 implementation, so the pdf is applies partially.
For encrypting files, use the computer program from the VS1005 release: viewtopic.php?t=3075
VS1005 has even a proper documentation.

The documentation will be available when I get it ready.
Source code and programs for dectest, decplay and devcrypt
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Sample key, and files for dectest
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