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Use the VS1005 bob

Posted: Tue 2024-03-26 5:17
by edwardsjethro

I am using the VS1005 bob with two digital I2S microphones used for recording, and storing data in mp3 format on an SD card. I would like to know if there is a possibility of measuring the sound level of an audio input, and using that measure for interrupts on certain levels?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Use the VS1005 bob

Posted: Tue 2024-03-26 8:39
by Hannu
I assume you are using Rec because hiresrec writes wav files.
The documentation found from ... _Shell.pdf

has a Rec control commands chapter.

Basically you give string ~0209 and it would report level. I don't know if it works during pause but I don't see why not.

One thing to note. If you don't have ftidcbl in your input chain, the DC value can skew the result.

And on the other hand ftiagc also tampers the results too, but that is because it is auto gain controller. If you are trying to clip the silent parts, check that the AGC doesn't amplify it too much and you can detect the silence.