VS1053B Adafruit Example Code Doesnt Record OGG

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VS1053B Adafruit Example Code Doesnt Record OGG

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I am using the Adafruit "Music Maker" MP3 Shield for Arduino w/3W Stereo Amp which has the VS1053b chip on it. The example code provided by adafruit and the Arduino IDE works fine for playback of MP3 files. But the record OGG files does not seem to work. And it seems like after recording 1 OGG file then the next one the file size is only 1KB. Attached is an example of the OGG file recording. Is something missing from it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.
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Re: VS1053B Adafruit Example Code Doesnt Record OGG

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oggcrc (see viewtopic.php?p=12603#p12603 for source code) detects crc errors in frames 20 through 23, then a missing OggS header and missing frames 24-25, and again a crc error in frame 41 and a missing OggS header.

ogginfo also gives a lot of warnings about missing data (although some of the warnings seem to be duplicates).

So, it looks like the saving of the data is too slow, and this may relate to the other issues.

Maybe you can test with a lower samplerate and/or with lower bitrate.
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