VS1005 BitMap Graphics example

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VS1005 BitMap Graphics example

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For many projects which use an LCD display, it would be very convenient to show pre-rendered bit-mapped graphics. This is now made possible with a new toolchain which allows you to convert an arbitrary number of palette-based graphics to a format that is convenient for VS1005 to render.

Feature of this system is:
  • User can combine a number images to one single BitMap Graphics file.
  • VS1005 can quickly render thse graphics to present things like icons etc.
  • BitMap graphics can be from 1 to 4 (and with one modification to the renderer, up to 8) bits per pixel.
  • Each graphic symbol has its own independent palette.
  • Palettes can be modified on the fly to create for instance different colour buttons or knobs from the same BitMap.
Below is a screen dump from a 160x128 LCD with the demonstration program running:
RenderEx screen dump.
RenderEx screen dump.
ExampleGfxScreen2.png (2.7 KiB) Viewed 1279 times
Attached to this message are the following pieces of software and documentation:
  • BitMap Graphics rendering example solution RenderEx.dl3. Along with the separate documentation, the source code of this small Solution serves as an example on how to use the new system. It also contains a PC executable program vs1005gfxgen.exe that can be used to generate VS1005 BitMaps.
  • Documentation file VS1005BitMapGraphics_v100.pdf. This tells how to generate and use the BitMap Graphics, as well as a documetation of the format itself.
  • Replacements for three LCD drivers (lcd288, lcd288v, and LCD177) with BitMap rendering capability added.
Have fun with this new library!

Kind regards,
- Henrik
Bitmap Graphics Rendering Solution. Read README.TXT for details.
(197.44 KiB) Downloaded 62 times
Documentation for the BitMap Graphics: how to use it, and format specification.
(161.21 KiB) Downloaded 53 times
2.88" parallel bus LCD driver with BitMap capability, horizontal.
(15.96 KiB) Downloaded 45 times
2.88" parallel bus LCD driver with BitMap capability, vertical.
(15.99 KiB) Downloaded 40 times
1.88" SPI bus LCD driver with BitMap capability, horizontal and vertical.
(16.54 KiB) Downloaded 44 times
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