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Spdif output from mp3 or other files

Posted: Wed 2021-03-24 1:54
by gilvanl
Hello, I came to ask some questions , sorry if are silly ones.

First and most: How to output to spdif interfaces to audio appliances (amplificators) , with sound been decoded from any popular audio file format (mp3, flac, aac, ogg) ??
Problem: files stored in sd card or usb pen drive.
I am more or less in doubt to ho to make it, some manuals say spdif output is impossible with usb...

Chip in use: VS1005
Board: VS1005 Breakout Board with custom board for periferals, output to spdif in the TX147 fiber optic transmitter.
Microcontroller: none - stand alone vs1005 in the board.
Software: VSOS 3.60

Thanks in advance, best regards , sorry again for elementary questions.

Re: Spdif output from mp3 or other files

Posted: Wed 2021-03-24 10:25
by pasi
What's the storage medium for the files?

When USB is in use, the internal clock must be 60MHz, and you can't create any standard SPDIF rates from that.

(If you're playing from FLASH or SD card, there's no issue.)

Re: Spdif output from mp3 or other files

Posted: Wed 2021-03-24 13:07
by gilvanl

Yes, i was using the usb . I will try the sd card, that is already operating well in my extra proto-board.

Thanks a lot !

Re: Spdif output from mp3 or other files

Posted: Mon 2021-03-29 22:57
by gilvanl
Dear Vlsi staff.

I have some problems , the system says my spdif clock is incorect, below the initializing log

Code: Select all

VSOS 3.60 build Jan 10 2021 08:24:23
VLSI Solution Oy 2012-2020 -
Starting the kernel..
Starting Devices... 
Internal Flash

Installed system devices:
S: SPI Flash c213, handled by FAT.
Load drivers, config 0...
Driver: AUODAC... 
Driver: RUN... AUOUTPUT -s8192
Driver: SDSD... D: SD card in SD mode

Driver: AUOSPDA... W: Bad S/PDIF clock

Driver: UARTIN... 
Driver: SHELLENV... 

Below my config.txt file :

Code: Select all

# VSOS3 Boot Configuration File

# Default configuration, no buttons pressed during boot.
# This configuration runs the VSOS Shell automatically
# NOTE! If not using audio, you can comment out audio drivers.

# New 2015 audio DAC out driver

# Make large audio buffer so that all codecs will play without trashing memory  and with minimum amount of MHz

#SD card on drive D

# I2S automatic out

# S/PDIF automatic out, parameter can be either 48000 or 96000 (default)
AUOSPDA 96000 s

# Start UART in/out driver

# Start the shell

I imagine that i must adjust the system general clock, but i am not sure.

Thanks in advance, best regards.

Re: Spdif output from mp3 or other files

Posted: Wed 2021-03-31 1:38
by gilvanl
Problem solved !

Just adjust the clock in the config.txt :