VS23S010 Default 256-color palette

Designing hardware and software that uses the VS23S0X0 family of ICs as a 8-bit or SPI SRAM memory or as a Video Controller for generating Composite Video (TV-Out) or driving other kinds of displays.
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VS23S010 Default 256-color palette

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Dear VS23S010 TV-Out Users,

Here's a highly versatile 256 color (8 bits per pixel) palette for VS23S010D, which is representable in both PAL and NTSC colorsystems.
To promote software and artwork portability, this palette, wherever applicable, shall be considered the default 256-color palette of VS23S010D. It is recommended that all circuit boards and software examples that use 8-bit colors, shall configure the board to this color mode and use this palette by default. A GIMP palette file for this palette is attached below.

VS23S010D Default PAL Palette: P:EE:A22:B22:Y44:N10; Colorburst 0xEE, Microcode C0 9C 4A 0A.
VS23S010D Default NTSC Palette: N:0D:B22:A22:Y44:N10; Colorburst 0x0D, Microcode C0 9C 0A 4A.

Here's an example of the default palette in action, rendered with VS23S010C:

Read more: Setting same palette for PAL and NTSC.
GIMP palette file for the VS23S010D default 256-color palette P:EE:A22:B22:Y44:N10
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