Software decryption demo for VS1010

Designing hardware and software for systems that use the VS1010 MP3 Audio DSP Microcontroller.
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Software decryption demo for VS1010

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Dear VS1010 users,

Here is demonstration solution for software decryption. The attached solution provides demonstration code for software decryption for two scenarios.

1) Playing encrypted media content
2) Accessing encrypted files through normal file operations (fopen, fread, fclose)

Solution has three projects: decplay for content playing, decrypt for device decryption and dectest project for testing decplay and decrypt projects and for a starting point for the usage of the decryption features in your own software.

The cipher in this demonstration code has no cryptographic strength.

The sd_card directory has encrypted files for dectest test software.
Documentation of the software decryption demo
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Software decryption demo
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