Uartspeed - Automatic UART speed setting program

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Uartspeed - Automatic UART speed setting program

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Dear VS1010 users,

Here is tool for automatic setting of UART speed. Have a look at README.txt for it's full capabilities.

It has dependency to paramspl viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2498&p=13041

And as always, bug reports are welcome.

* Features

- Minimum parameter is to select uart and then single character is
received without printing or echoing.
- Works with both UARTs
- Can be set to echo received characters back to sender
- Can receive expected amount of chacters or stop on selected
- Print info to console about UART clock divider detection.

Code: Select all

VS1010>uartspeed -h
uartspeed [-0|-1] [-cchar] [-rcount][-sspeed] [-d] [-e] [-p] [-v] [-h]
-0	Select UART0
-1	Select UART1
-cchar	Exit on char character
-d	Round the speed down
-e	Echo character back
-p	Print UART speeds and exit
-rcount	Receive count characters and exit
-sspeed	Set speed to speed
-v	Verbose
-h	This help
Complete solution of uartspeed utility
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Uartspeed utility
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Documentation of uartspeed utility
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