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Audio Book Player

Post by stanton »

I am looking for some advice on the suitability of the VS products for a project.

I wish to create an audiobook player that reads audio files in a format that allows bookmarking (the ability to resume at an arbitrary point in the audio file) as well as chapters (the ability to jump to predefined points in the audio file or to predefined file in a collection of audio files).

My understanding is that this excludes most formats except for the MP4 audio format m4b and possibly Ogg Vorbis. It seems that VS10xx do not support m4b but since they do support Vorbis perhaps this is available using hardware features such as FF/REW and streaming.

Ideally the chip would also be able to act as a USB host to be able to read the audio files from an external USB, have a built-in amplifier and voltage regulator too.

I have read about the VLSI audio book project ( ... 00book.pdf) which suggests bookmarking is possible using Ogg Vorbis but gives no detail. The VS1000 looks interesting as it has most functionality in the default firmware but no sign of bookmarking which is essential. Also both this project and the associated developer board look to be 12 years old and discontinued. Perhaps there is something more up to date that is suitable?

I would greatly appreciate any input on the best choice of VLSI hardware to achieve what I want and indeed any general experience others may have had creating an audio book player from this product range.
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Re: Audio Book Player

Post by pasi »

The Ogg Vorbis decoder in vs1000 supports a "goTo" feature in 1-second resolution. With some tricks the resolution can be made better.

Most other decoders support the same feature, for example the latest vs1010 and vs1005 mp3 decoder versions implement a fairly quick goto.

If you have control over the audio, the 1-second resolution is sufficient. For more exact seeks you will additionally throw away some of the decoded samples to reach your desired decoding point. It's quite doable.

vs1000 is still available - we recommend SD card instead of NAND FLASH as storage, but probably vs1010 will suit your application best.
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