PlayFIlX - Play two MP3 or WAV files simultaneously

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PlayFIlX - Play two MP3 or WAV files simultaneously

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Dear Forum Members,

attached to this message is a brand-new driver / application pair that gives the VS1005 the capability of playing back two MP3 or WAV audio files simultaneously.

The package contains a README.TXT file that you really need to read before attempting to use it.

If you want to be able to control the volume of both tracks that are played back, you should also install a new version of the auooset driver, also attached to this message.

As this a very first version, there are not many extra features, and there may still be bugs left.

Let us know what you think!

Kind regards,
- Henrik
PlayFilX solution, making it possible to play two MP3 or WAV files simultaneously.
(28.95 KiB) Downloaded 220 times
Secondary audio path driver auooset.dl3 v1.06, with volume control capability.
(14.14 KiB) Downloaded 225 times
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